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Speaking and events

I am an accomplished and seasoned public speaker, covering everything from TV, Parliament, global conferences, C-Suite engagement and virtual sessions. Please use the contact form if you'll like to discuss your event with me. I've outlined some of my current talks that are very popular with audiences. Forthcoming speaking engagements are listed below.

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Popular talks

I can cater for every style of speaking engagement and all audiences. My presentations range from philosophical, thought-provoking insights and theories on issues of major importance in the security field, through to practical, scenario-based recommendations and pitfalls to avoid, through to pragmatic explanations of operational and legal essentials in this area. Examples of some popular talks are set out below, but I can build a presentation on any issues within security law, security operations and security tech, for any occasion, so please reach out if you're interesting in booking me.

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Home Economicus versus You, Me and Us

There is a single common denominator in every security breach case that I've handled - organisations fail despite their investments. 


The critical question is why?


The answer is found in our bounded rationality - blinkered thinking, cognitive biases and heuristics - and the threat actor's total rationality.

Until we understand that it is Homo Economicus versus You, Me and Us, we will always fail despite our investments.

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View from the breach - incident response can be good

Serious security breaches happen multiple times every second of the day, generating a relentless torrent of bad news stories.

But for every infamous case study there are countless others that we never hear about.

Your reputation rides on the quality of your incident response. It all comes down to what you want to be remembered for. 

Let me show you what good looks like.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt - are you being misled?

Do you remember the hype and hysteria about GDPR mega fines? Do you know about the Y2K Millennium Bug? Can you plot the incidents of security Moral Panic along a timeline?

Everyone has an angle. Even the good guys who will use social engineering to achieve their objectives, playing off your human wants and needs.

Are your trusted advisors serving your needs, or theirs? 

I'll explain why you need to know and what you need to find out.

Upcoming speaking engagements

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