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Services for security and tech cos

Over the years I have helped many security and technology companies to optimise their sales, marketing and business development strategies, by identifying and explaining how their services and products can help their customers' to satisfy their legal obligations: I call this the "Legal Compliance Driver" for sales. My clients have included many technology majors and exciting start-ups. I am a past winner of the Financial Times Legal Innovator of the Year award for this work. 

Product analysis

Beginning with my client's services and product portfolios, I analyse what is provided - e.g., the functionality of a technology application - to identify the range of legal issues that they can help customers to address. This understanding is incorporated into the client's go to market strategy, which can include the development of marketing campaigns and collateral, customer engagement experiences and the training of the sales force.


White Papers and marketing collateral

Utilising the information and insights gathered through the product, customer or legal analysis, I develop marketing collateral that explains the legal compliance issues and how they might be addressed through the use of my client's services and products. This collateral might be a White Paper, a fact sheet, website content or material for the press. For example, a current engagement is for an email security technology company.

Customer analysis

Beginning with the client's potential customer or market vertical, I analyse the target, to identify a range of critical security and data protection compliance issues that it will need to address, which my client could support through their services and products.  For example, if target is part of critical infrastructure, the NIS Regulations may apply. As above, this intelligence is incorporated into the client's go to market strategy.

Customer engagement and events

I provide a range of services to help security and technology companies to engage better with their clients and targets around the Legal Compliance Driver to sales. This includes match-making services, to bring the parties together (such as by arranging events and meetings), taking part in the client's events (webinars, round tables, dinners, customer engagement centre meetings) and helping the client's customer with business case development.

Legal analysis

New security and data protection legislation is being adopted around the world at increasing frequency. These laws provide a wealth of opportunities for security and technology companiess, but they can also impose new duties on them, as illustrated by the UK Online Safety Act and the Eu Cybersecurity Act. When a law is proposed or comes into force, I am engaged to analyse the impacts for these clients.

Strategy and product roadmaps

How the law will unfold and the extent of the opportunities and risks that it provides for security and technology companies may require some crystal ball gazing, but making the right calls can deliver huge returns. Utilising my many years of practice in security and data protection law across all fields of expertise, I provide security and technology companies with valuable consulting services for strategy and product development.

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